Hawaiian beer garden in strings hotel Nagoya

Hawaiian beer garden in strings hotel Nagoya

A Hawaiian beer garden is held in strings hotel Nagoya in Sasashima from Wednesday, June 21, 2017 to Friday, September 22.
I had invite before opening, and a dish and the atmosphere were being tasted.
The POKI shot which imagined Hawaii, Hawaiian garlic shrimp, Hawaiian dish of ROKOMOKO, Hawaiian cocktail and pancakes can be enjoyed, and there is also a hula show, so Hawaii is recommended to a favorite person and the person looking for the beer garden which seems slightly good.
A terrace is a meeting place of seen perfect glassing, so even if we have the inclement weather, feeling of opening is relieved to have that.
There is also a private room plan!

Hawaiian beer garden in string hotel Nagoya

A period: Wednesday, June 21, 2017-Friday, September 22 Period limitation (the regular holiday-lessness)
Time :18:30-21:00 (120 minute system) ※ 19: 30-hula Shaw
A meeting place: The 3rd floor “roof top garden”
The charge: Below the adult of 6000 yen/senior of 5500 yen/medium and Takaoi of 5000 yen/schoolchild 2500 yen (one plate dish)/less than 3 years old, free.
※ The charge is all taxes and including the service charge.
The private room charge
One person and plus 1000 yen, more than 30 people


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