I’m meat Ball of this several year popularity, but on April 1, new, it opens.NICK STOCK (Nick, stock) store in front of Nagoya station” For, it’s an intolerable meat cafe for the early morning business lover running it from 7:00 in the morning!
A meat pad can be here and have a hamburger in one coins from a morning.


The gross weight 1kg! the concept in a store is said to be “the cafe where meat is good”, and by which lunch is sirloin steak lunch (1000 yen), a roast beef bowl (1280 yen) and night Meat JENIKKU where the padding function Nick village which is so is also popular with meat SUTAGURAMA, visual!

The ACROSS CUBE NAGOYA 1F a place can make the south side of St. Lou Nagoya tower newly.
Please also check a female exclusive restroom in the 4th floor and the 6th floor where Ryuta of my scout company constructed it and made until late evening every day by plumber construction at New Year’s by all means.


It was said to be day pre opening of 29 last night, and I did a cameraman of a reception.


It’s also a commemorative photography spot before a big N mark in front of the store with N of N in NICK STOCK and NAGOYA.


Interior on the east coast a look where one in the store imagined the United States east coast (What kind of one?)


AKI crashed into “he was saying and was sensing east coast, but there was a mirror ball in a center, here, !!” and a president in same.
A president, I’m sorry An obedient child.
I also have a sofa seat and 2 people also have a table of account etc. for 4 people, so it can correspond from 1 person to many people.

A dish, visual as well as gusto and offer method, tension, well, every time the↑ device it’ll be is done, and it comes out, wow, it was being talked about.


The dessert by which nice guy burns and offers to me a huge marshmallow


“It’s also good that the meat is also good but sweet.” and, they’re also pleased with pancakes and a marshmallow.


The American dining where music in 1980 ‘s and a picture can be enjoyed “80’s DINER Chicago” is also in ACROSS CUBE NAGOYA with NICK STOCK, so I think a course as 80’s DINER Chicago of 2F has a meal in NICK STOCK of 1F for the lady who would like to receive the one of the uncles in forties-sixties soundly, and is the good choice you can make yearn for uncles’ younger days of old young people.

“The cafe where meat is good” “NICK STOCK (Nick stock)” for, in front of Nagoya station, on April 1, ground opening!
Even if I’m walking, it’s the outward appearance even conspicuous from a car, so please check it by all means.


NICK STOCK Store in front of Nagoya station.
Ushijimacho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 6-24 ACROSS CUBE NAGOYA 1F

Open day: Saturday, April 1, 2017
:7:00-23:00 of business hours (last call 22:30)
< morning coat> 7:00-11:00
< lunch> 11:00-15:00
< cafe> 15:00-18:00
< dinner> 18:00-23:00
The number of seats: 56 seats


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