When a friend comes from the way back and Tokyo of party photography, I often go to cigar bar CIGER BAR SPIRITS in Sumiyoshi. Even if I say a cigar bar, after a word exchanges duplicity greetings with Mr. Waseda of the store owner who absorbs a cigar, not a reason, I'm doing selfishly and am just returning selfishly. I'm excited...
Nagoya cup mini EKIDEN
I took a picture of Nagoya cup mini EKIDEN. Mary face running club (MFRC) An impression is always flooding the meet with which MFRC participates. Everyone of a team, my company who supports and I who doesn't make the weeps in sympathy a completed orchid so much have seen middle-aged friendship and have welled up unconsciously, too. And the goal for which company...
A party cameraman did by an Oriental show of a whole book live performance and live event "ORIENTAL on PARADE vol.2". Everybody of performer's everybody and staff, thank you very much for your fun event.
I took a picture of an official and a staff of corporation PHAD'S.


I was being intoxicated with liquor and space in event Dolce organized by drag queen Lyra-h.Grail . Performance which depends on drag queen show and dance team at the main stage And in the back VIP room... Please enjoy yourself by a delusion.
Small facial facial therapy of Luna heart. Luna heart
Photography of Ms. Yoshiko Matsumoto's "DOKUZYO NO TUBUYAKI" publication commemoration party. Nagoya Celebrities Maria Pianist Reaping Thank you very much for inviting Yoshiko to a nice party.
A party cameraman did in the SEXY big operations of IKU&noa. When I say what kind of SEXY big operations they were. This, stunned be MARI where a target is a dancer SEXY big operations are that Mari was a birthday surprise party so. I congratulate Mari! You could thrust at fresh cream with a party only a little somewhere of a body, and...
Live movie photography of THE GENBAKU ONANIES
Last night is live movie photography of THE GENBAKU ONANIES. I had a figure which seems strong and met with photography so as not to lose mosh of punkses and a dive. A live picture is sold as the omnibus DVD which collected Nagoya's bands, so if sale time is decided again, I'll inform you. By interview taking in live laterDirectorI was...
Bellydancer's Party "HIRANYAGARBHA" was feeling like Sue's childbearing celebration in advance party of supervision. Everyone of the dancer usually dancing by a serious face dances, too, though he are nature and a smile, it was the event which feels good very much. Akiko Takada's smile. Bambi is a smile, too. tomo is a smile, too. AIRI and Chie are a smile. SU& and TOMO...