Private camera lessona t a beach
The mission is "At Hawaii, bridal, I take a picture! " He can take picture only automatic mode in the first time. So I held a private camera lesson at a beach to clear the mission which says so. He mastered daytime synchronization and many techniques, and confirmed the setting by various scenes.
DADA 10th anniversary party
Corporation DADAI took a picture of a 10th anniversary party of the state. The restaurant group by which creation Japanese food, iron plate DADA and a dragon are experienced in fish, tenkushizui Kitchen and yuuniwatorishukazui kitchen and are developing Saki skewer favor shop, Taprobana Hotel (Sri Lanka) and Saki skewer favor shop Kariya store centering on Kariya in Mr. corporation DADA. I congratulate it 10th anniversary!
Business planning concert of Bee-ms group
Photography of a business planning concert and a new employee welcome party of Bee-ms group taking a picture of May 15 every year. I'll take a picture of a business planning concert of various companies, and I say, but I'm studying while taking a picture in the travel. A president and a chairperson use the picture of which they took a...
I took a picture of the Nagoya be cancer gourmet festival held at Tsurumai park every year and YOGA LIFE NAGOYA 2017 spring held at the same time on Sunday, May 14. The people who had a yoga mat in the comfortable weather in their hand gathered in Tsurumai park much. I was doing yoga on the lawn, was enjoying a be cancer gourmet and...
Akebono Orthopedic clinic Nagoya
Akebono Orthopedic clinic image picture shooting. Doctor is gentle and has the good sense of style, so a director teacher of dawn bonesetting in is yearned for very much from patients and from a staff. The Doctor I like very much, too. A massage, correction, Kobayashi system correction and needle treatment correspond to various treatment according to the symptom for treatment. Akebono Orthopedic...
Amaken 50th anniversary
Corporation Amano grind industrial placeI took a picture of foundation 50th anniversary Thanksgiving Day of the condition. The one as 50th anniversary is 1 of big commemoration event for a company, so it's with a lot of enterprises who arrange a video cameraman and a cameraman and are left on record, too. The scale of the company was the number of...
Photography of a BBQ set of Chuoh Group
I took a picture of a BBQ catalog of Chuoh Group. Indeed it's a season of BBQ at the outdoors, but the one of the meat factory direct sale by which the photogenic BBQ set up which tension goes at such time is meatCentral meatHow about BBQ of the condition? category_id=13
It's at Nagoya century hole on April 9, 2017.I took a picture of live SHINSUKE MATSUDA ROUTE55. SHINSUKE MATSUDA Official site
I'm meat Ball of this several year popularity, but on April 1, new, it opens.NICK STOCK (Nick, stock) store in front of Nagoya station" For, it's an intolerable meat cafe for the early morning business lover running it from 7:00 in the morning! A meat pad can be here and have a hamburger in one coins from a morning. The gross...
I took a picture of a Japanese-style pancake(OKONOMIYAKI) of a flame of "MEIEKI NO YAITEKO-CHAN". Thick cheese is the Japanese-style pancake on which I got much. MEIEKI NO YAITEKO-CHAN 〒 450-0002 4-16-17, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi