Striptease in Birthday Party

Striptease in Birthday Party

I took a picture of birthday party at Philippine pub in Nagoya,Aich,Japan.

Birthday Party

There came a stripper and Striptease.

Striptease in Birthday Party

I was touched by a very exciting show.

Many japanese Striptease is don’t touch and can’t dance with dancer.
And Nagoya have not any strip show theater now.

japanese Striptease like this.

Sexy japanese TV #16: av idol live striptease
Minako Komunai, a famous japanese model, actress, stripper and AV Idol striptease on japanese live tv and then spied while removing her bra


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I am an Japanese freelance photographer living and working in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. I most often work in the fields of Party Snap Shooting,so I am called a Party Cameraman(Party photographer).


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