• Nanase Aikawa Live in Nagoya
  • The Battle of Oseronian
  • Marvelous pamphlet shooting
  • Cafe IBiza offical photographer
  • 1-day Science School
  • ESL Lab Graduation Ceremony
  • Keepcast 2018 Official Photographer
  • NESTAL Official Photographer
  • Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Event area W-3
  • Belly Dance Studio VAL DART Presentation
  • Yoga Life Nagoya
  • Beams Hair Management Plan Presentation
  • Kappo Maruzen 60th Anniversary
  • nonagon+nestal visual shooting
  • Belly dance studio Gülen presentation
  • The 43rd National Rice Farmers Local Study Meeting in Jounetsu Aichi
  • The 10th ARMEC General Meeting
  • BLOOM AWARD 2018
  • Asahi Motors Customer Appreciation Festival
  • Hokugei Festival Seisho Cup in Aichi
  • Itou Corporation 40th Anniversary Party
  • etc.


  • THE KEEP CAST 2017 Official Photographer
  • Official photographer for Masaru Matsuda’s live performance “Route 55 ~Hajimari no Michi~”.
  • Bloom Dining Service Management Presentation
  • Beams Group Management Presentation
  • KS Lab Management Presentation
  • Official photographer for YOGA LIFE NAGOYA Spring 2017
  • Official photographer for the Miss Bridal Contest Nagoya
  • Official photographer for belly dance school Gülen presentation
  • Photographing for a pamphlet of school uniform Itou
  • Photograph for brochure of Nakao Shokubutsu
  • 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Party for Amano Polishing Industry Co.
  • 10th anniversary party for DADA Co.
  • K-1 champion Masaaki Nohgita celebration party
  • Bloom Dining Service BBQ party
  • Acora GROUP BBQ Party
  • EMP RINKU BEACH FES 2017 Official Photographer
  • Bloom Dining Service Award Official Photographer
  • etc.


  • Official photographer for one of the largest belly dance events in Japan, Tokyo Iftikhar
  • Official photographer for Tokai DERA High School in NAGOYA
  • Official photographer for Belladonna, an Italian comedy show
  • EMP RINKU BEACH FES 2016 supported by avex beach paradise Official Photographer
  • COLOR&BUBBLE MUSIC 2016 Official Photographer
  • Official photographer for pool party Mermaid Island
  • Other party photography


  • Official photographer for Nagoya station music festival
  • Official photographer for the 10th Phuket International Marathon
  • Official photographer for “Heat” Festival
  • Official photographer for Aichi LINK Party
  • Official photographer for Crazy Halloween
  • Official photographer for NESTAL, one of the biggest K-POP events in Japan
  • Official photographer for The Sexy Halloween
  • etc.


  • Golf Master (cover, etc.)
  • Meieki Monogatari (Cover and others)
  • Date Plus
  • dancyu
  • Fujin gaho
  • etc.